The third publication Sundarkand (The Happy Phase) that came out in 2016, is a multi-lingual art book based on a series of paintings by her 10-year-old daughter Isha Majithia. The subject of the series and the book is Sundarkand, the fifth section of treatise Ramayan.

Along with writing informative articles and books, Priya also keeps experimenting for sharpening her expression as a lyricist. She loves experimenting with the sonnet form in vernacular (Gujarati) language.

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The book was launched at The Gallery, Amdavad ni Gufa in September, 2016 along with an art exhibition which was widely covered by 15 newspapers and electronic media. The book was launched by eminent social worker Ela Bhatt, iconic painter Lalita Lajmi, honourable Governor of Gujarat O P Kohli and prominent religious leader Viditatmanandji.

I am glad to announce that my second work titled ‘Pol Ni Khadki E Thee’ was recently launched at Ahmedabad National Book Fair on May 7 by scholar and writer Rajendra Patel of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad. Patel saheb unveiled the book and introduced this work as a significant art work that bridges the sensibilities and sensitivities of past-generations with present and future generations of city dwellers.

Many dignitaries including writer Vinod Bhatt, poet Tushar Shukla, musicians Manju Mehta, Shyamal Munshi, Arvind Vegda, and known freedom fighter Bansilal Patel from Khadia were present at the book launch.

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Pol Ni Khadki E Thee’ is a narrative and conversational documentation of yesteryears of walled city of Ahmedabad. The writers – Priya Adhyaru Majithia and Parthivi Adhyaru – Shah have attempted to capture atmosphere of city’s pols and its aesthetics. And we have explored within the book how these special features assumed novel beauty when city underwent tough times.

How walled city looked while it was under Curfew. The word curfew conjures up connotations of fear, dark nights, eerie silence, chaos and anxiety in minds and hearts of older generations of Ahmedabad’s dwellers. While for today’s generation the word evokes only a couple of queries and raises their curiosity.

To preserve the memories of the city’s older generations, they have captured live moments of various time zones during which the walled city of Ahmedabad was under curfew. This book documents the live atmosphere of walled city – atmosphere that of wall city during times when city was frequently hit by riots. The period is post

independence till 2002 – the year when city saw the riots last.

After a decade, when city many dwellers too have almost forgotten the fear, chaos and eerie silence of curfew hit walled city, the book brings out minute observations of ways in which the walled city lived under curfews.
The book documents the inner side of walled city Pol residents with their first hand experiential narratives. This book reveals the reality of emotions of Pol residents. It captures yesteryears of city and re-paints the old times with its truly emotive richness that often evident when city witnessed turbulence.

The book is available at Crosswords and Book Shelf.

Priya introduces Kavyatrayi as her first dream project.

This is a collection of poems in Gujarati language – jointly penned down by Priya J. Adhyaru-Majithia, Parthivi Adhyaru-Shah, journalist and editor of Margi Magazine and Pratishtha Pandya, researcher. The concept here is to present a crisp collection of 36 simple poems that encourage readers to pen down their own creations within the anthology. We have introduced this collection as a new-generation’s poetic card in vernacular langauge. We aim to revive use of Gujarati cards for intimate expressions.

This collection was launched on June 20 at Bhaikaka Bhavan, Law Garden, Ahmedabad by senior poet Harsh Bhrambhatt, senior writer Jay Vasavada, senior art critic S D Desai, senior journalists Ajay Umat and Jagdish Sharma. The program was attended by noted writers including Vinod Bhatt, Ashok Dave, Joseph Macwan, Sarup Druv and Tushar Shukla. Many other dignitaries including Saumil, Arti and Shyamal Munshi, professor Dr R A Malagi, professor Rita Kothari, professor and writer Dr Suguana Ramanathan, Gaurang Vyas, Mahendra Shah graced the occasion with their presence. The event was anchored by poet Ankit Trivedi.

Kavyatrayi is available at Crosswords and Book Shelf.

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