Haliyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan – First Sindhi comedy film to come to city
In an effort to make a vernacular language attractive to the youth of the community, a team of Sindhi businessmen, writer and director are launching the first comedy film in the Sindhi language ‘Haliyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan.’ This film will be launched in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri and Jaipur. This is the first Sindhi movie to be launched in the city and is perhaps the first comedy in the Sindhi language which till now only had family sagas and melodramas at centre stage.
The writer of the movie, P B Chand who was in the city to attend the ongoing three-day International Sindhi Sammelan on Friday, said, “The aim is to attract the young generation to the language. And it matches the sammelan’s focus which is to collectively work towards preserving Sindhi heritage, traditions, culture, language and literature; hence this is the right place to showcase the movie.”
Several dignitaries from the US, UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other states of the country who have gathered in the city for the meet welcomed the idea of having the first comedy film showcased at the event. “This is indeed an impressive effort to attract youth to use the Sindhi language and retain our culture,” said Gul Kinger, an activist working to conserve Sindhi culture.
This humble effort to preserve the cultural heritage has witnessed huge demand will also be launched in Ahmedabad which is now home to more than six lakhs Sindhis. Bihari Kandhari, producer of the movie said, “We are to promote this film in Ahmedabad because of the need to protect our language.” Lamenting the current status of Sindhi communities across the globe, Kandhari said, “Sindhis are losing their cultural identity and the young generation knows little about their roots, language, customs, rituals or cuisine. We are coming out with a light entertaining movie to generate the young generation’s interest in their origins.”

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