Priya Adhyaru-Majithia, journalist, writer, and art analyst has contributed over a thousand articles to various newspapers including The Times of India, Ahmedabad Mirror and Daily News Analysis (DNA), and she has authored three books.

She has conceptualized and curated art shows for Ahmedabad Mirror, and also served as a Principal Art Curator for setting up the the first edition of Ahmedabad Art e’ Fair.

Priya Adhyaru-Majithiya
Photo Courtesy: Kanisha Modi

Priya, born and brought up in the city of Ahmedabad has been discovering nascent, novel and noteworthy trends surfacing in and around areas of health, overseas education, immigration, celebrations, art, lifestyle and climate-change in the city. She focuses on macro and micro trends that are at work beneath the phenomena called ‘Change’ and documents delicate nuances that surface and re-surface upon the city’s altering chemistry.

Starting from the year of 2000, Priya contributed several articles to The Times of India, DNA and Ahmedabad Mirror. During 2000 to 2004 she handled over a hundred special issues of a weekly theme page Global Gujarat focused on documenting trends in the field of immigration and overseas education.

Later, she worked as a senior correspondent with English newspaper Daily News Analysis (DNA) of Bhaskar group of publications. She then re-joined The Times of India as a principal correspondent in 2011.

After serving as an in-charge of DNA’s daily supplement After Hours in 2012, She moved to Ahmedabad Mirror in 2013 as in-charge of AM’s features section. After conceptualizing and curating the two editions of Ahmedabad Mirror’s art shows in 2015 and 2016 now she works as a writer and art analyst.

Member of St. Xavier Alumni, Priya did Masters in English Literature from Gujarat University and studied Mass Communications at Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai. She began her work as a web-reporter in Mumbai with E-India website in 1999.

Her first compilation of poetry Kavyatrayi was published in 2012.

The second publication on her name Pol Ni Khadki E Thee, which published in May 2013, is a piece of anthropological writing that documents the past years of Ahmedabad. It specially focuses on tough times that city faced during pre-independence to post independence riots till 2002 – the year in which city witnessed last barbaric riots.

The third publication Sundarkand (The Happy Phase) that came out in 2016, is a multi-lingual art book based on a series of paintings by her 10-year-old daughter Isha Majithia. The subject of the series and the book is Sundarkand, the fifth section of treatise Ramayan.

Along with writing informative articles and books, Priya also keeps experimenting for sharpening her expression as a lyricist. She loves experimenting with the sonnet form in vernacular (Gujarati) language.